Experienced and dedicated professionals.

Our professionals, led by our compassionate CEO and COO, are committed to helping our clients understand their strengths and give them the guidance that they deserve to realize their full potentials. They are capable of assessing our clients’ needs and helping them find resolutions to their issues about themselves and with their interactions with other people. They can also teach people from different age groups skills that enable them to be independent and responsible.

Our consultants also realize that in providing treatment for a client, it is better if they have the support that they need from a professional and their loved ones. Thus, the company has opted to use a collaborative approach in dealing with each of our clients’ challenges.

Our staff is led by our dynamic CEO and COO.

tiffany nance

Tiffany Nance, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

A business professional who has developed a career as an Accountant. She possesses a BS in Accounting and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting. She has experience working with non-profits serving the underserved public. Previous experience working for Baltimore City Healthy Start, Inc. as an accountant serving the parents with infants and children obtain assistance for their children to obtain essential necessities. These necessities included food, diapers, and education in child development centers. Managing grants to ensure that the program was properly funded to serve the targeted population. She was also previously employed as an accountant for Disability Rights Maryland, Inc. A non-profit organization to assist people with disabilities providing legal assistance. Managing federal and foundation grants to support protection and advocacy rights for people with disabilities. She has a passion for assisting people and a heart to promote success. Currently serving as CEO for Training Tomorrow’s Leaders, Inc. she has expanded her passion to serve individuals and families to assist them with achieving personal goals and overcoming life challenges. She serves in a capacity that allows her to implement life skills, therapeutic sessions, social interactions, and individual support.

tyrone nance

Tyrone Nance Jr., COO (Chief Operating Officer)

A mental health professional with over 15 years of experience working with youth and families. He has collaborated with multiple mental health organizations working as a mentor, PRP advocate, and Mental Health Coordinator. He has worked in educational environments as a Behavioral Specialist and Dean of Discipline. With a sincere passion to assist youth and their families, he goes beyond the call of duty providing assistance at any time of day or night. He also has served as a football coach with over 15 years of experience providing on the field mentoring, off the field counseling, and advising on individuals with critical educational and life decisions. He is known throughout the Baltimore area for his compassion and dedication to providing assistance to those in need.

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